Free Space Contest!

FREE space contest for 2 businesses; making entrepreneurs dreams come true in a turn-key coworking space

By Lisa Akinseye 

We are going to kick start Evolve's ongoing adventures in a big way--by hosting nearly 200 tech industry volunteers who have committed to building 49 websites for 48 different nonprofits, in just 48 hours from Sept. 15-17. This is a huge endeavor for us. As a coworking space, we have exactly what the nonprofit organization, 48 in 48 needs. 

They were looking for a facility that had great access from all points in the Twin Cities, 24/7 access, plenty of free parking, and ultimately, ultra fast Wi-Fi. Evolve Workplace was able to offer it all, along with a commitment to work with the local restaurant community to donate the bulk of the food needed for the event. The fact that so many web designers, social media experts, graphic designers and programmers are often digital nomads/contract workers was an added perk. Many are familiar with the environments of coworking spaces, and have embraced the concept for years. 

For Evolve, this is a labor of love. The three individuals who equally share responsibility for its daily operations, all have strong backgrounds in, and ties to, the nonprofit community. Area nonprofits fill significant roles in providing programs and services, and often don't have funds to cover a public relations position on staff, let alone the services of a conversion rate optimization (CRO) or search engine optimization (SEO) specialist. The staff at Evolve was thrilled when they were selected as the venue of choice! 

This is far more than a weekend commitment on Evolve's part to working with nonprofits. We are currently running a contest for small local nonprofits that have been operational for less than two years. We are currently running a two-pronged contest. One for profit, and one nonprofit business will each receive free office space until 2018, with the option of getting an all-inclusive, 2-person membership with a private office suite for $495 a month the following year. 

Just think--this will allow two businesses to get off the ground without having to worry about utility deposits, receptionist and janitorial services, leasing printing/copying equipment and the million other things that sidetrack entrepreneurs when they are starting a business! 

Additionally, Evolve has plenty of space--over 30,000 square feet--to grow with local businesses and corporate teams or special projects teams. One of the best things a member can tell us is that they've outgrown their space, and inquire about the next larger or more private office space within the building. By opening Evolve in two phases, we can accommodate those needs, from new buildouts to furnished offices. 

The perks of coworking

One of the coolest things about coworking is that the space is meant to be a workday haven, and filled with amenities to make life convenient. The culture is such that it is commonplace for independent workers to collaborate—actually finding brilliant excuses to work with one another. Quite literally, Evolve has put as many perks as possible under one roof. It’s about the little things—like having sticky 

notes and folders available at cost, or whiteboard markers for a brainstorming session. We try our best to keep those must-haves in stock for our members! 

While some coworking spaces "nickel and dime" member/tenants, Evolve has included far more features than most for one price (without making ourselves higher than competitors), so that there aren't any "surprise" bills at the end of the month. (Everything is electronic, so you will know if you’ve booked an extra hour room reservation.) 

We are beyond convenient. First of all, few space have a full-time business development resource specialist on-site. We also include unlimited Rainy Lake gourmet coffee, Bigelow teas, and filtered water with real True® lemon, orange and grapefruit for a twist. 

We also include 12 combined hours of conference, training room, and podcasting rooms. The podcasting room even has a green screen and photo studio lighting for a more professional presentation. Our zen relaxation room, has a comfy lounge chair for nursing moms or napping and open space for meditating or praying. 

Wow…should I go on? There is a complete postal/packaging station--boxes, labels, packing materials and more. There is a huge craft area (e.g. scrapbooking and stamping), along with a game room for taking a quick break with a guest, or chilling with kids on a family game night. Whether it's ping pong, English darts, a putting green, or cards/games/puzzles that amuse you, we have it. 

One of the little things that other spaces have overlooked is a gift wrapping and greeting card area. At Evolve, we have bags and wrapping paper for every occasion, along with tons of ribbons and bows. We also have a card rack with hundreds of free selections, so there's no excuse not to send off a hand-written 'thank you" to a client, or to package up a token gift highlighting your business. But that's not the end. 

Future amenities are at the whim of members--we are here for you, and want to fulfill your daily needs. As we grow to scale, we’re looking to hosting business seminars, Happy Hours, and community events. We would like to arrange for dry cleaning pick-up and drop off, and ready-to-go meals to take home after a long day. So, tell us if we need a bike rack, or need to add more plug ‘n’ go outlets to recharge your tech devices! The journey has just begun.