"Coworking or Nah?" An honest discussion about the workspace options entrepreneurs have.

“Coworking or Nah”

An honest discussion about entrepreneurs and their progression towards choosing all the different workspace options.

Home Office or Nah?

Thanks for clicking on our first installment of Coworking or Nah?. In this monthly blog we’ll talk about everything under the sun from Coworking pros and cons to West St Paul (West Side) stuff.  All of these writings will feature Jacobi, Community Manager here @ Evolve Workplace, a shared office space and coworking space right here in Dakota County.  

First off, let me explain the title of the blog Coworking or Nah?.  As a manager of an office space like this you’d think I was Coworking or die? Nah. Let’s be real here, the options on where someone gets their work done are endless nowadays. You can stay in your home office that you’ve invested in, hop down to the local coffee shop for that classic “coworking” feel, library, and the list goes on.  Now, with more studies on how people’s brains work more efficiently, finding the right spot to work is more important than ever. Literally you could DO ANYTHING! So why’d you choose coworking you ask? 

Well it’s simple, I like people. 

A few of us have done the home office thing. It’s cheap, it makes sense, and you are comfortable in your home turf. But what else is in your home turf? The fridge (munchies), the dog, the TV, your couch. Pretty much everything that makes you want to relax.  Oh you’re lonely? Well, you can just call your buddy, mom, brother, or sister if you want to chat right? But, if you’re like me, this can only work for so long. So, then you go to the coffee shop. I mean, that’s the next move right? Every coffee shop you’re at, it seems like people are getting so much done.  So, you go to Amore Coffee right here in West St. Paul. It’s near you and me so why isn’t that the logical option? It is…. But only for so long….

So, now you’ve really started to pick up some steam with you and your small business.  It’s time to start scaling up. But wait a second, you’re all out of money. All the coffee you bought and it’s been a while since you quit your 9-5.  Luckily you know a couple of local investors that are really looking for a startup like yours. This is where it gets a little tricky. You’re in that “in between” phase of having your own place and the home office. You have a really awesome home office but you don’t want to bring a big shot investor to your house for a pitch meeting! 

Do you meet them at the coffee shop? Nah. Too funky in there. You want to be taken seriously.  This, among some other things I’ll mention, are one of the reasons people choose to join a local coworking community.  Some places will give you a few hours per month of a meeting room to meet with clients, customers, whoever.  

Ok cool, so meeting spaces? I could find a room at the Regis and other classic meeting spaces. 

People, I like people. I chose to belong to a coworking community because the home office, coffee shop, etc.. lack something that every human desire; belonging to a community.  Someone to talk to if you’re having a bad day or chat about the game last night. Or even just to chat for a few minutes about the weather before you toss your headphones back on and get in the zone.  Being part of something bigger than you is a primal desire most people have. You’d be surprised at the positive effects it can have on not only your business but your own mental health. Work-life balance? 

I’ll do my best to try not to end this like an advertisement, but the community I belong to in West St Paul @ Evolve Workplace is pretty cool.  Even if Evolve isn’t for you, my objective with this blog post was show you the tangible and intangible benefits that coworking has. The cool thing about coworking is that there are many options around the Twin Cities for all types of different people and companies.  We’ve consciously (and unconsciously) separated ourselves from some of the trendier and more expensive downtown versions of coworking. Let’s be honest, those spaces are AWESOME. But not always cost effective and logical based on where you live. Again, there’s a space out there for you. You just need to find it. 

I’ll see you next month for Coworking or Nah? #2.  I promise to give you honesty during the length of this series. I’ll be exploring some of the success stories and tragedies in relation coworking, its members, and founders.  Or maybe other stuff...we’ll see. 

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