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11 Funky Coworking Perks We Love

Published on June 9, 2017 - By Jo Disney - Senior Associate Editor, UK & Europe

It’s been a busy week in the world of flexible workspace. The past 5 days alone have given us coworking unconference tips, a deep-dive into workspace design from COCO founder Don Ball, a new post-Trump workspace sustainability drive, and more.

Now it’s Friday, and it’s time to take a lighter look at our busy industry.

This week we’re focusing on some of the more, um, unusual amenities on offer in flexible workspaces. From the weird and wonderful to the ‘Why didn’t we think of that?’, workspace operators know no bounds when it comes to cool coworking perks. And we love it.

Check out our favourites below.

Hat tip to Cat Johnson’s Coworking Content Alliance group for providing so many wonderful ideas and sources of inspiration.

Zen Meditation Room

“For May Mental Health Awareness month, we converted an office into a Zen meditation room,” says Jerome Chang of BLANKSPACES. The Zen room is still being used and Jerome plans to keep it that way, at least until a new member snaps up the office.


On the subject of Zen, Primary in New York offers wellness-focused coworking space for yoga enthusiasts. Members get all the usual features – workspace, furnishings, conference rooms – with the added benefit of daily fitness and wellness classes.

Entertainment for Children (or adults?)

Linda Liu told us about two coworking spaces in Germany offering childcare services for working parents. Rockzipfel and Colibri Coworking in Hamburg offer babysitting services along with various kids’ activities, ranging from toys and playrooms to music lessons

Climbing Wall

Break up your working day with a spot of lunchtime bouldering. Brooklyn Boulders is a climbing community with on-site workspace… or, a coworking space with its own climbing wall and gym. Whichever way you look at it, it helps members aim high in more ways than one.

Nap Room

The Grove in Dallas has its own Inspiration Room featuring comfy leather chairs and recliners. “It’s affectionately dubbed The Nap Room,” says Justin Nygren. “It even has a pull down shade to block outside light.”

PB&J Bar

“We keep a stocked PB&J bar at Cohere,” says Angel Kwiatkowski (to anyone outside the U.S., that’s a Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich bar). And judging by their Facebook feed, it seems sandwiches aren’t the only snack laid on by Cohere. Cookies, doughnuts, M&Ms, and of course freshly ground coffee. Where do I sign up?

Walk While You Work

“We have a treadmill desk!” says Meaghen Liebe from ECO-SYSTM, San Francisco. Not only that, the space also has an embedded art gallery and is located atop a nightclub, for which all members get VIP access.

Gift Wrapping Station

You’ve heard of virtual office mailing services. Now Evolve [Workplace] Evolve Workplace, a brand new space set to launch soon in Minneapolis, is pushing the envelope a little further.

“We asked people what they would like to have in their ideal work space,” says Lisa Akinseye. “The result? We’re going to have a gift wrapping station.”

Lisa repurposed two shoe racks to hold rolls of wrapping paper and ribbon, and stocked up on greeting cards, gift tags and bags, tissue paper, tape, scissors, packing peanuts and boxes. “Eventually, I will add a crafting space if there is interest,” she added. Great idea Lisa, we love the modern twist on a traditional service – talk about ‘Evolve’ coworking!

Looms, Workshops and Hammocks

Indy Hall in Philadelphia is justifiably proud of its vibrant community, yet it’s not all about sharing knowledge.

“One of our members brought in her loom – a real, working loom!” says Alex Hillman. “We nicknamed it the ‘quiet piano’. She’s taught members how to use it and it’s a constant reminder that not all of us work behind a computer.”

Looms aside, Alex explains that Indy Hall also has a tool collection and workshop that doubles as a screen printing studio and triples as a photography darkroom. It also has its own hammock. “People love the hammock,” says Alex. “I may or may not take conference calls from the hammock…”

Among other cool perks, CO+HOOTS in Phoenix, Arizona, has a recording studio fully kitted out with audio equipment that’s perfect for podcasts.

A beach

Not every space has the resources for nap rooms, treadmill desks or childcare services – but that doesn’t always matter. CoworkInn, we’re looking at you. This fresh workspace in Dahab, Egypt, has its own pool, rooftop terrace, hammocks, and a beach. A BEACH. How’s that for a cool coworking perk?