Evolve's Journey

Evolve came from a collaborative vision, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a whole lot of hope!

By Evolve’s Visionary Team, June 20, 2017

Imagine trying to find a space that was big enough to support growing businesses, and yet had enough character and personality to feel like a second home during the workday. Envision an affordable shared space that would allow people with varying work styles and different schedules to work independently, but have the feeling of being on a collaborative work team.

A few of us peered into the future, and thought about coworking. A few conversations later, and Evolve Workplace, well…evolved! It’s been a labor of love, and has taken tireless hours to transform a 20,000 s.f. building and attached 6,000 s.f. warehouse into the dream it is today.

Just a year ago, Evolve looked like it had been frozen in time. The building had been vacant for nearly five years, and it was if the business had closed overnight, leaving everything—literally everything, behind.

The vision of creating an open and inviting workplace that could address the needs of solo workers and off-site corporate teams alike, seemed like a daunting endeavor, but a group of people pulled together, and put in countless hours to transform Evolve into what it is today.

It was the epitome of an old, traditional office. A lot of rooms with locked doors. Windows for managers to hunker behind desks and peer out at workers, and a myriad of high cubes and walls that felt like they were begging to be torn down, opened up, or discarded. Now it’s open and airy and Evolve is poised to host a myriad of product and service-based businesses, and even has a large “maker space” for more hands-on kinds of work.

As we start a soft launch in July, and open to our first members, it’s a grateful thank you we offer to everyone who has had the faith in our vision of building a new kind of business community.

Our hope is that the founding members will take ownership of their space, and allow it to become the coolest working community in the Twin Cities metro and beyond.

We’re hoping that anyone who is seeking a workspace will help Evolve become a buzzing hub of work energy 24/7. So, just what are some of the C’s that make a coworking space a success among its members? In no particular order:

To COWORK, it helps to be cool! It also helps to care, be candid, have character, charisma, compassion and concern for fellow members. Know when to compliment your peers. Focus on clowning around, collaborating, taking a chance, cherishing creativity and starting conversations.

Be a champion of success. Be concerned, chatty, chipper or charming, depending on the given day. Keep complaints and cattiness to a minimum. Above all else, be credible, considerate and make connections!